Revision of the MATSEC Marketing A-level Syllabus

What we want to see in a new MATSEC Marketing Syllabus

The MATSEC Marketing A-level Syllabus has been in its current form and structure for a number of years.  The  current 13 topics,  spanning  a broad variety of  marketing aspects, do cover a lot of material. However as a marketing lecturer for a number of years, I find that the MATSEC Marketing syllabus needs some major updates.

The following is list of suggested updates to the MATSEC Marketing Syllabus:

  1. The most fundamental update in the MATSEC Marketing Syllabus needed is the recognition that digital or online is a pervasive phenomenon.  The Internet is not just a channel like television or radio. It is an intrinsic part of our world, something that no one can avoid!   Lecturers cannot miss dedicating time to this in order to set students on the right course about the marketing environment that marketers face in the industry!
  2. Naturally one also needs to have a section in the MATSEC Marketing Syllabus dedicated to Online Marketing.  This should not be overblown exhaustive topic (for example it should stay away from any implementation aspects) but should focus on aspects of how the Internet can help in various marketing activities ranging from marketing research, promotion, sales and distribution. Other fundamental topics that need to be mentioned in this discussion include:
    • How the Internet affects customer and business decision making;
    • How the Internet affects pricing;
    • The relevance of Social Media & Mobile to Marketing;
    • Major Tools used in Online Digital Marketing.

3. More emphasis on marketing case studies is also needed.  The concept of applying marketing to everyday marketing scenarios is more important than covering a wide breadth of topics (that more often than not are skimmed through just for the sake of the exam!).

4. One also hopes, that  when and if any  updates are done to the MATSEC Marketing syllabus, these do not simply result as additions to what is already a wide syllabus but that updates will also trim down areas that are either somewhat not so relevant or that are more suited for a more advanced and mature Marketing student tackling further studies beyond the A-level.

Hopefully such updates to the MATSEC Marketing Syllabus will be soon rolled out so that more marketing students can embrace marketing as it is meant to be in our times!