2013/2014 A-Level Marketing Course

A-Level Marketing Course Starting in September

The 2013/2014 A-Level Marketing Course will be starting on Tuesday 24th September. The lessons  will be from 5.00 to 7.00 in the evening and will be held in Naxxar.

Lessons will be done once a week. The A-level Marketing lessons will go on through to April by which time, the full MATSEC Marketing Syllabus will be covered.

During the course, we will tackle past papers with special emphasis about how to work out essays and case studies.  Full notes and summaries are provided to the students attending the A-level Marketing Course.

For more information call on 99517383

A-Level Marketing Course Starting in September
A-Level Marketing Course Starting in September

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Kristel Jo Bishop

Mrs Kristel Jo Bishop B.Sc.(Bus.&Comp.)(Melit.),B.Com.(Hons)(Melit.),M.B.A.(e-business)(Melit.) Kristel Jo Bishop read her degrees in B.Sc. Business and Computing and later B.Com (Hons) in Management at the University of Malta. Her thesis focused on the Internet as an effective marketing research tool, a topic which back in 2000, was still in its infancy. She then joined Alert Communications (now Alert Group) as Marketing Executive. Apart from working in e-marketing projects in an industry that was rapidly evolving, she also wrote weekly articles featuring reviews of websites for local newspapers. As her role at Alert Communications grew to encompass larger web and multimedia projects, Kristel Jo pursued an M.B.A. in e-Business at the University of Malta where she obtained distinction in 2004. Her dissertation looked at Knowledge Management in Small and Medium Sized Organisations and the use of knowledge portals as a tool which helps SMEs exploit and use their knowledge. At Alert Communications, as Business Development Manager, she led teams through both Multimedia and Web Projects of different scales, involving both foreign and local clients and private companies and central government. Since 2006, she has lectured in various courses for the University of Malta in e-Marketing and e-Strategy and also as an independent lecturer in A-level Marketing.