E-Marketing Course Malta

Note: This E-Marketing course below is being organised by Malta University Consulting.  The new course will be held in October – December 2015.  If you want are interested in attending, contact Malta University Consulting.

EMarketing Course Advertorial in The Sunday Times
EMarketing Course Advertorial in The Sunday Times

E-Marketing or Online Marketing Course

Overview  of the E-Marketing Course

EMarketing has been around for many years, however, it is often not used to its full potential. The first step towards taking full advantage of eMarketing is understanding the variety of tools available. These tools have to be orchestrated together with the traditional media in marketing plans. This course offers a guide to the variety of online tools and how one can start making use of them.


Who should attend this E-Marketing Course 

The course is aimed at individuals who are involved in marketing but who have not yet experienced the full depth of e-marketing.

Both those who are new to e-marketing and those who have already made use of some online tools will learn about the variety of tools that can be used in digital marketing.

Benefits to you and your company

You will leave with a greater understanding of how to reach your target market by developing a website that services your target market and by utilizing the appropriate online tools like mobile marketing, social-media marketing, e-mail marketing and search engine marketing.

The course will highlight best practice from different fields and will provide several examples while discussing various tools.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding customer relationship management in the digital age
  • Knowledge of several online mediums
  • How to plan for a website
  • Important aspects to keep in mind when planning email marketing
  • Why mobile marketing and Apps are gaining in importance
  • Basic search engine marketing and online advertising
  • Planning for Social Media platforms like Facebook

Course Content

Session 1: Introduction to e-marketing

•The customer and the online experience
•How traditional marketing differs from e-marketing
•Online customer relationship management
•Introduction to legal issues online

Session 2/3: Website Marketing 

•Main aspects of a website
•Managing a website the long run and short run
•Critical success factors
Planning out a Website
Online Stores
•Web traffic statistics

Session  4: Email marketing

•What is email marketing
•Opt-In e-mail
•Legal Issues: Privacy and Spam
•Different types of newsletters
•Drawing up a successful newsletter
•Technical issues for the marketer to know about

Session 5: Mobile Marketing and Apps

•What is mobile marketing
•Using Apps in business
•The importance of QR codes

Session 6: Search Engine Marketing 

•What is search engine marketing
•Search Engine Optimisation
•Pay Per Click
•Improving a site’s ranking

Session 7: Social Media 

•The importance of social media platforms
Planning Social Media
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,  LinkedIn
Online PR

Session 8: Online Marketing Plans 

•Interactive Online Adverstising
•E-Marketing Plan
•Bringing the traditional and online medium together

Delivery style 

Covering best practice and using case studies and practical examples throughout, the course offers a guide to the core aspects of the online mediums. Class discussions are encouraged.

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Oct – Dec 2015 E-Marketing Course Information-Sheet-Oct-Nov-Dec

Online Marketing Course in Malta organised by Malta University Consulting
Online Marketing Course in Malta organised by Malta University Consulting