Stamp the Brand

In an age where there is too much of everything, standing out is vital. Even in business like mail delivery, being recognised for the service one provides is essential!  Nowadays the traditional postal companies are competing directly with other ‘delivery’ companies and couriers who provide the same kind of services.

The visibility of the company providing the service directly affects the brand itself and maybe vans and uniforms emblazoned with logos are not enough!

That is why Royal Mail intends to start marking the packages it handles with “Delivered by…”.  This is nothing different from the web developer who signs websites or applications with “Developed by..”,  and the photographer who labels his shots . After all if many other people in different industries take credit for their work, which in turn helps them in branding, why not Royal Post too…..

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Other Business Subjects

Many marketing students are students who are studying other business subjects like Accounts, Economics and Computing. In fact when someone is studying these subjects together one can understand, appreciate and apply theories, principles and concept in a holistic fashion. This is because one can see and appreciate the bigger picture and how all the puzzle pieces come together to make one big whole.

Accounts Private Lessons:
For those of you who are studying or intend to study Accounting A-level we recommend you give a call to Dona Falzon. Dona is an experienced lecturer who conducts private lessons in small groups and she will be able to help you out.  Lessons are held in Naxxar with lots of individual attention and emphasis on past paper management and practice;  all key matters that will definitely help you achieve the Accounting grade you are after! You can get more information from the Facebook Group DMF Accounts Group or contact on 7926 0675.

The Convenience Experience

There is no doubt we live in an age where the most scarce resource is time. Our lives are so rushed and breathless  that sometimes it’s literally good to bask in the aura of convenience.

Recently I found myself working on a school project which required the creation of puppets. I would have loved to give in to my creative side  and  indulge in designing and sewing them up but the hassle of going around shops in search for the right material, right colour and trimmings to match, before starting the actual work on the project up put me off.  The  idea of traffic jams, parking problems and such was too daunting especially when I wasn’t even sure that I was going to find the stuff that I wanted to buy.

So I opted for the easier way out…..

I ‘googled’ puppets, found an online store in the UK that provides delivery service to Malta and made an order. That was Monday afternoon. On Thursday morning,  the puppets were delivered. That whole process took less than 3 days. I was obviously thrilled as I could have have never pulled the whole thing off (search for material, buying and sewing the puppets) in 3 days.  Thanks to Internet,  Google and  the online seller, (they have a wide choice of products, good prices and excellent service) I’m ready to move to the next part of the project….

Yes convenience is one of the greatest advantages of online shopping.  Coupled with a wider variety (that the online retail experience offers),  online shopping can be the saving grace to customers who do not have time to spare.  Sometimes the online customer can even find a good deal or get the same product for a cheaper price.

So what creates this ‘convenience experience’ ?

In today’s world, few retailers can afford to ignore the online channel and the very basics for this channel to work are:

1. Online shop displaying merchandise/products in detail;

2. Easy-to-use shopping cart with facilities so that clients can quickly change quantities in cart;

3. Reliable delivery services to the target market/s of choice;

4. Online payment facilities (possibly including both payment by credit cards and Paypal);

5. Reliable office system that recieves orders and processes them;

6. Clients aware of the shop  (achieved via good online ranking in search engines like Google, online adverts, social media presence).

If all the above have been given due diligence and thought and the retailer has the right marketing mix for the product then the online shop should bring in clients.  Suffice to say that ignoring any of the above 6 points  is done at the retailer’s own expense as online negative comments and ratings have a habit of spreading like wildfire!

Puppets from
Convenience for the customer means business for the retailer: Puppets from The Puppet Company, bought through delivered to my doorstep in less than 3 days