Socialnomics – it’s WorLd of Mouth!

I’m currently reading (even though I must admit at a very slow pace because I’m short of time), Erik Qualman’s epic book Socialnomics. It’s by far my favourite 2013 book.

The title page states that it’s about ‘how social media transforms the way we live and do business’ and the book is exactly that and more. Even for a heavy social media user like me, the book presents so many insights, ideas and case studies. So much thought has been given to customer behaviour and this can be translated into ideas about what companies should be doing in today’s age to generate more interest in their brands.

The book is easy reading and one does not need to be technically-versed to enjoy it. Whether you are a  marketing  student or a marketing director, this is one book that you cannot do without.  On reading the book, you will immediately realise that Qualman is to today’s media what Drucker was to management in the past.

Socialnomics (2nd Edition) 2013, by Erik Qualman is published by Wiley.

Socianomics by  Erik Qualman
Socianomics by Erik Qualman

Marketing by the Hour

As the London riots disrupt the standard pace of London life, tourism bodies and marketing organisations are keeping a watchful eye especially because  they know that such activities can effect the perception of potential visitors for the London Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (approximately a year away).

VisitBritain has just pulled out the video that was part of the campaign preparing the way for these important events, which in themselves are a tourist attraction. reported that “Head of marketing Joss Croft said that it was not appropriate to run the campaign ahead of the news on showing images of rioting and looting in the UK.”

In such circumstances, is not just a matter of sticking to strategy that was planned months ago, but also a matter of keeping watch to ensure that the public out there is not getting two conflicting  message, one from the adverts and one from the news.

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The World This Year

2011 is quite a year for the marketing environment. It started off with the unrest in the North African coast.  The destabilization  has changed the scenes thoroughly and even though the Gaddafi Regime is not yet gone, the scenario in North Africa can never return to what it was before.

In the middle of the political crisis, the world had another blow – the natural disaster striking Japan culminating with the Fukushima story.  And now, when we are barely half way through the year, it’s the turn of the money markets to rock the world again. The markets are highly volatile and to top it all, London faces riots too!

Surely it’s not exactly easy for a marketer to drum up plans for the next season. At this point it is not just a matter of forecasting sales but more a matter of devising tactics and strategies to be able to face anything that the macro environment throws be it political and social unrest or unstable economies.

Will the world be recuperating or do we experience more doom, gloom and uncertainty before that?