Socialnomics – it’s WorLd of Mouth!

I’m currently reading (even though I must admit at a very slow pace because I’m short of time), Erik Qualman’s epic book Socialnomics. It’s by far my favourite 2013 book.

The title page states that it’s about ‘how social media transforms the way we live and do business’ and the book is exactly that and more. Even for a heavy social media user like me, the book presents so many insights, ideas and case studies. So much thought has been given to customer behaviour and this can be translated into ideas about what companies should be doing in today’s age to generate more interest in their brands.

The book is easy reading and one does not need to be technically-versed to enjoy it. Whether you are a  marketing  student or a marketing director, this is one book that you cannot do without.  On reading the book, you will immediately realise that Qualman is to today’s media what Drucker was to management in the past.

Socialnomics (2nd Edition) 2013, by Erik Qualman is published by Wiley.

Socianomics by  Erik Qualman
Socianomics by Erik Qualman