MATSEC A-Level Exam Registration

Mark the Dates:-  Do not forget to register for your A-level and Intermediate level Exams!

MATSEC Registrations (A-level and Intermediate) for the May 2014 Exam sessions will be open from 28th October 2013 to 8th November 2013.

Registration can be done either online by visiting the Exam Department or by using the e-ID. Those visiting the Exam Department need to take their ID cards.

For more information visit the Exams Department website  or contact the Exams Department through the following:

The Examinations Department
The Mall
Tel. 2598 2953




Advanced and Intermediate Level Subjects May 2014 Session
28-10-2013 to 08-11-2013

2013/2014 A-Level Marketing Course

A-Level Marketing Course Starting in September

The 2013/2014 A-Level Marketing Course will be starting on Tuesday 24th September. The lessons  will be from 5.00 to 7.00 in the evening and will be held in Naxxar.

Lessons will be done once a week. The A-level Marketing lessons will go on through to April by which time, the full MATSEC Marketing Syllabus will be covered.

During the course, we will tackle past papers with special emphasis about how to work out essays and case studies.  Full notes and summaries are provided to the students attending the A-level Marketing Course.

For more information call on 99517383

A-Level Marketing Course Starting in September
A-Level Marketing Course Starting in September

2013 A-Level MATSEC Marketing Results

Good results for all  Marketing Malta A-level Students

The MATSEC A-level Marketing Results are out and aren’t we pleased!!

All our students got a good grade in the a-level marketing exam and two even managed to achieve an A. We knew that all our students have been working hard to achieve good grades but one is never certain how well it goes until the results are published.

In total there were only 20 A-grades for the  A-level Marketing this year and we are super pleased that two of those A-grades have been achieved by 2 of our students!  In other words 10% of the A-grades are our Marketing Malta students.

As is traditionally the case, the average grade for the A-level Marketing exam was C-grade. In fact MATSEC board reports the following for the 2013 A-level Marketing results:

Total:                     403 students
Absent:                 38
Grade F:               54
Grade E:              40
Grade D:              70
Grade C:             117
Grade B:              64
Grade A:              20

Source for figures above:

Congratulations and a big well done!

Onto the next challenge…..

Well done to A-level Marketing Students
A big well done goes to all Marketing Malta students who have achieved some very good grades in the A-level Marketing MATSEC Exam.

New A-level Marketing Classes will be starting in September.  If you are interested in studying A-level Marketing, contact  Marketing Malta today on 9951 7383.





A level Marketing Revision

Hints and Tips to A Level Marketing Revision

After toiling through a whole year (in some cases even 2 years), indulging in books and essays, few students enjoy the last revision. Even if you enjoy marketing,  one still needs to sit for the exam and even the thought of  the essay-intensive papers is not a joy-ride!

Revision is a time brimming with stress, cramming heads with facts and examples, and to be honest not even teachers enjoy it!

The following are some helpful tips when doing marketing revision:

–       Study through the year and prepare your notes so that you will be well prepared.

–       Do not mistake revision for studying. If you make no effort through the year, last minute revision is going to be much more painful.

–       Revise the work that you have done both essays and case studies.

–       Plan out a timetable of when you will cover and revise all marketing topic (leave none out of your revision list).

–       For each marketing topic, check out the most important aspects and look up a couple of exam questions.

–       Ensure you speak to your teacher about possible problems and aspects which are still not very clear to you.

–     Leave the last two days to go over the full course syllabus one last time.

One final tip – keep calm and do not panic.

Marketing Malta conducts a full course in A level Marketing covering  the A level marketing syllabus along with one-to-one Marketing Revision sessions according to students’ particular needs. For more information call on 9951 7383.

Good luck!

A Level Marketing Revision Tip by Marketing Malta
A Level Marketing Revision Tip by Marketing Malta

E-Marketing Course Certificate – Endorsed by University of Malta

E-Marketing Course is Level 2, Diploma Level

It is indeed with pleasure to write on this blog that the e-Marketing course that I have just finished delivering for Malta University Consulting has been officially endorsed by University of Malta.  A repeat of this course will be done during September 2013.  In fact all delegates who have attended the 8-session course (16-hours in total ) have been awarded an official e-Marketing course certificate that states the course is accredited as Level 2,  3 ECTS (Diploma Level) by the Department of Marketing within FEMA, University of Malta.

E-Marketing Course  Certificate
E-Marketing Course Certificate awarded by Malta University Consulting and endorsed by University of Malta

Well done everyone!

The 2012/2013 Marketing A-level Course comes to the end….

Last week we wrapped up the final revision lecture for our A-level Marketing class.

Over the past seven months, we have gone through the full A-level Marketing syllabus, no mean feat, when one considers that we do this through a once-a-week lecture. Our principle for this course is that whilst we ensure that the essential topics are given their due importance, we also cover the other building blocks that are part of the Marketing A-level MATSEC syllabus. We have also tackled several case studies and discussions along the way.

Now all there is left to do is checking out summary notes and  tackling Paper I and Paper II early next week….

Whilst wishing the students the best of luck not only for this exam, but for other A-level subjects that they are tackling, I wanted to personally thank them for the interest they showed in the topic and for being such a great team with whom to explore A-level Marketing.  I hope that they  have enjoyed the learning experience as much as  I did!

Thank you and Good Luck

Kristel Jo Bishop

Results are out!

It surely was not easy waiting for the A-level results in this heat!  But the grades our students got surely made the wait worth it!

A big well done goes out to our students whose grades reflect their hard work and diligence throughout the year! Keep it up and good luck for your future endeavors!

Now the focus is once more on the intake of new students as new materials and updates get added to the notes pack for the MATSEC Marketing A-level of 2013.

For more information or to book your lessons call on 9951 7383.

Marketing A-Level Topic Summaries

We know that in today’s hectic lifestyle only very few students have all the time to prepare super summary notes that really come in handy on the eve of the exam.

At Marketing Malta  we also provide A level Marketing summary notes by topic to our students to ensure that when there is ‘panic’ and little time, they have a good studying aid.  Summary notes help students remember the most important points. We always emphasize that students should dedicate as much time to the subject as possible (and one can always recognise who is doing the effort). The summary notes simply seal off the topic like the cherry on the cake.

A Level Summary Notes are available to regular students attending the lessons.

For more information or booking your place at Marketing Malta call on 99517383.




Other Business Subjects

Many marketing students are students who are studying other business subjects like Accounts, Economics and Computing. In fact when someone is studying these subjects together one can understand, appreciate and apply theories, principles and concept in a holistic fashion. This is because one can see and appreciate the bigger picture and how all the puzzle pieces come together to make one big whole.

Accounts Private Lessons:
For those of you who are studying or intend to study Accounting A-level we recommend you give a call to Dona Falzon. Dona is an experienced lecturer who conducts private lessons in small groups and she will be able to help you out.  Lessons are held in Naxxar with lots of individual attention and emphasis on past paper management and practice;  all key matters that will definitely help you achieve the Accounting grade you are after! You can get more information from the Facebook Group DMF Accounts Group or contact on 7926 0675.

Marketing Case Studies

Over the years we have met several students who face the Case Study question in the exam in the wrong manner. So what is actually a case study in the Marketing Exam?

It is simply a story – an everyday story about a company or an organisation, providing some kind of product or service.

There’s no particular catch because marketing is really about everyday life, about the consumer, the product, the service, the company…

The questions asked by the examiner are usually questions that even the man in the street can answer. The trick is therefor to remember the concepts and principles that one has covered in Marketing and apply them!

At Marketing Malta we give special importance to Case Studies. During our Marketing Private Lessons, we go through case studies about a variety of topics and show the student how to tackle these questions to ensure that the student is well equipped and prepared for the examination paper in this regard too.