Why study A level Marketing

Studying A level Marketing – an Essential Step in your Business Education

Marketing is not only about selling or making adverts. Marketing is much deeper than that. It is about understanding the needs of society and of individuals and translating them into valuable goods and services that can generate a source of income or profit.

The A level Marketing course provides the opportunity to cover  not just the basics of Marketing but a variety of topics  like Customer buying behaviour, Segmentation, Targeting, the Marketing Mix, International Marketing and  Marketing Ethics.  These are all topics that are easy to apply to everyday life.

Whether you are a student or already in the job market, A level marketing is valuable because:

  • You will understand more about the business world around you;
  • You will be able to communicate and promote yourself better;
  • You will be able to contribute that extra bit to the world around you which in turn might give you more opportunities.

Whether you come from science or from arts, marketing makes you richer!

Studying A-level Marketing with Marketing Malta

Our marketing course is geared for the MATSEC A level  Marketing exam and it covers the marketing topics extensively.   The examples and case studies highlighted in our course are part and parcel of our modern life and are easy to apply. We have no prerequisite – except that the student is interested in the topic.

Anyone seeking to improve his or her repertoire of capabilities should seriously consider tackling the A level Marketing.  The course is done over a period of seven months through a once-a-week two-hour lecture.

Apply for the A-level Marketing course or request  more information call on 9951 7383