Tackling A-level Marketing through Private Lessons

Private students and private lessons

Some students seeking private lessons or private tuition in A-level Marketing are not Sixth Form or Junior College students who are studying the subject at school.

These students tend to be individuals who are already working and are trying to achieve new qualifications to improve their job or career.  A-level Marketing can be insightful for a variety of people. Individuals coming from the trade or retail, individuals who are more IT-oriented or have some specialisation but who need to communicate more effectively with their clients can all benefit by joining A-level Marketing private tuition classes.

How to choose your Marketing A-level private tuition?

Studying A-level Marketing only via private lessons is doable as long as one has a tutor who can cover the full A-level syllabus in a given period of time in order to prepare the student in time for the A-level MATSEC examination.    Before choosing your A-level Marketing tutor, do ask if the full syllabus will be covered without a lot of extra private lessons that have to be jammed in between the normal private lessons schedule.

Naturally if a student is preparing for an exam, like the MATSEC A-level Marketing exam, he or she will need guidance about how to tackle and answer examination questions.  The private lessons provided by Marketing Malta emphasize good exam preparation. This is especially important for students who have not tackled exams in a long period of time.

Applying for the MATSEC Examination

Private candidates need to apply for the MATSEC exams as ‘Private Candidates’.  The application is done online and one needs to use the E-ID.   Applications are usually open during Nov/Dec and the dates when one can apply to do MATSEC exams are published by MATSEC Board.

Other Students needing Marketing Private Lessons

Marketing Malta private lessons are also open to students who are studying the subject at Sixth Form, Junior College, MCAST or some other college or institute.

Full guidance is provided to all students according to their individual needs.

For more information about Marketing Malta Private Lessons in A-level Marketing contact via   9951 7383.

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