MATSEC A-Level Marketing Examinations

Your Guide to MATSEC A-Level Marketing Examinations

The most common Marketing exam in Malta at A-level is without doubt the MATSEC A-level Marketing. This exam usually takes place in May and resit is held in September.

For ease of reference, the following is information taken from the A-Level Marketing MATSEC Syllabus and links to the  MATSEC Syllabus and Examiners’ Report for Marketing (taken directly from the MATSEC site):


Introduction:  The aim of the syllabus is to introduce the basic concepts of Marketing to students who intend to specialise in this area of study.

Scheme of Assessment:

Two three-hour papers are set and candidates must show competence in each.  Each paper carries 50% of the global mark.

Paper I consists of eight essay type questions.  Candidates will answer five questions.

Paper II consists of two sections: Section A and Section B.  Section A will consist of three to five questions based on a case study text. All questions will have to be answered and together carry 40% of the global  mark of Paper II.   Section B will consist of four essay-type questions applied to a context/situation, two of which have to be answered, each carrying 30% of the global mark of Paper II.

Both in Paper I and in Paper II, the questions may relate marketing principles and practice to the current Maltese situation, however the questions in Paper I will have a particular emphasis on marketing theory/principles/concepts.

A Level Marketing Syllabus Topics:

  1. Nature of Marketing
  2. The Marketing Environment
  3. Types of Markets
  4. Marketing research tools
  5. Market Segmentation
  6. The Marketing Mix 
  7. The Product
  8. Pricing
  9. Marketing Communications
  10. Distribution (Place)
  11. The Marketing Plan
  12. International Marketing
  13. Consumerism and Customer Relationship Marketing

Click here to download the A-level Marketing Syllabus for May 2014 Exam Session


Click here to download the Intermediate Marketing Syllabus for May 2014 Exam Session 

 2012 Session MATSEC Syllabus

–          A-Level Marketing Syllabus for May 2012 Exam Session
–          Intermediate Marketing Syllabus for May 2012 Exam Session

Examiners Reports for A-level and Intermediate Marketing

–          2010 Marketing A-Level Report
–          2010 Marketing Intermediate Report 
–          2009 Marketing A-Level Report  
–          2009 Marketing Intermediate Report    

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