A Level Marketing Notes

A Level Marketing Notes Provided to Students

At Marketing Malta, we are proud of the A level Marketing Notes that we provide to our students.  Apart from a full set of notes, specifically prepared for the A-level Marketing MATSEC Syllabus that are regularly updated, we also hand out summary notes. These notes are available to regular students.

A Level Marketing  Full Set of Notes:  These notes cover the full MATSEC syllabus, so much that in our course we do not require any additional books and sources.   The full set of A Level Marketing Notes covers the following topics:

  1. Nature of Marketing
  2. The Marketing Environment
  3. Types of Markets
  4. Marketing research tools
  5. Market Segmentation
  6. The Marketing Mix 
  7. The Product
  8. Pricing
  9. Marketing Communications
  10. Distribution (Place)
  11. The Marketing Plan
  12. International Marketing
  13. Consumerism and Customer Relationship Marketing

A Level Marketing Summary Notes: These summary notes are a watered-down version of the course content and cover the most important aspects and points for the exam. They are very handy for final and last minute revision. The image below is a sample summary note for the topic of International Marketing

Sample Note by Marketing Malta
Sample Note by Marketing Malta

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