A-Level Marketing Malta

Private Lessons covering A-Level Marketing, Malta:

This is the standard course and covers the full syllabus for the A-level Marketing  MATSEC exam.

Marketing Malta conducts A-level Marketing courses as follows:
–          Dynamic private lessons running from September to May (or up to the exam);
–          Covering full syllabus A-level Marketing MATSEC and includes case studies and examples;
–          Part of the course also shows students how best to prepare for  and tackle A-level Marketing Exams;
–          Student Notes & Papers : As part of the private lessons provided, Marketing Malta will provide detailed notes that cover the full syllabus. These notes have been specifically written with the A-Level Marketing MATSEC Syllabus in mind by an experienced lecturer and are always being updated with the latest news and examples from the world of Marketing.  Notes are available to regular students.
–          Sample A-level Marketing Essays provided.
-          Summary  A-level Marketing Notes
-          Students are encouraged to prepare essays on a weekly basis. Essays are corrected by lecturer.
–          Online help and tutoring (via Facebook or email) available during the duration of the course to regular students.

Lectures are done in small groups and every student is helped in an individual manner to achieve the best possible grade depending on his/her set of skills.

Click here for more information about MATSEC A-Level Marketing and Intermediate Level Marketing Examinations.

A-level Marketing Malta Revision / Re-Sit Lessons: 
Revision Lectures in A-level Marketing and Intermediate level Marketing are provided according to demand. Since revision lectures are held in a short period of time, they tend to be more intensive and cover the major topics of the syllabus along with any difficult topics that the group /student has,  with special emphasis on working out past-papers questions.

One-to-One A Level Marketing Malta Revision Intensive Sessions: Marketing Malta also provides one-to-one lectures where students are given individual guidance in Marketing or other business-related subjects such as e-business, e-strategy and e-marketing.  One-to-one classes are aimed at students who might have specific difficulties or problems with certain topics.

These classes are also open to students who are not attending the full course and there is no minimum or maximum number of classes that a student has to attend. It is all up to the student. The lesson/s needed will be planned with the student based on the particular needs of the student.

Other Subjects:
Marketing Malta provides lectures in other subjects such as e-Marketing, e-Strategy and e-Business on demand.

For more information about A-level Marketing Malta private lessons:

Email: info@marketing-malta.com

Telephone +356 99517383.

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